Welcome to the BELLEMONT BAHÁ'Í SCHOOL. The school was founded in 1957, on a five acre site north of U.S. I - 40 near Bellemont, Arizona.  The concept of a school originated with the home front pioneers who opened the Bahá'i Faith to Flagstaff, Arizona in 1949.  Later, a Summer School was started to provide a retreat for Bahá'i families and their friends in a cool pine forest in Northern Arizona. The school has since become the place where Bahá'is can learn and practice the basic tenets of their Faith, and like the swallows returning to Capistrano, they return annually to camp, play and learn after the winter snow melts away and the flowers begin spreading their colors and fragrance over the mountain meadows!

Look what's new at Bellemont 2015. Please join us this summer to celebrate our new sleeping cabins.